How Will The TLC React To Whysk, Clickhole’s New Uber Competitor?

Sometimes the key to making a good startup is modifying an existing idea with slight improvements – Whysk, a new transportation venture profiled in the video above, is iterating on the service provided by companies like Uber and Lyft, but with a smart twist that could give it an edge, or usher in the end of days through a dark pact with whatever forces its masked and hooded silent workforce serves.

 This sharing economy parody of transport startups really lampoons the idea that affordable, crowdsourced labor is omnipresent and easily harnessed. But Whysk’s founders had better get ready to defend their trademark – Whisk is already a real NYC taxi hailing app that actually exists, proving once again that the startup scene is impervious to satire because its ridiculousness knows no bounds.

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