New Game for Your Little Zuckerberg-in-Training

StartUp is a game of business strategy for kids and adults.

Hoping to raise the next Mark Zuckerberg? It’s never too early to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset.

A recently released board game called StartUp can get kids started young.

StartUp is a business board game designed for ages 9 and up. It was created by a New Jersey family of four while they waited out Hurricane Sandy indoors.


Here’s how it works: Players with fictional companies compete from their launch to the completion of their corporate headquarters — marking their graduation to full-fledged business successes. The first player to build a headquarters wins the game.

StartUp puts players through the paces of entrepreneurship. You’ll come across opportunities in business, capital, and IPOs. You’ll fend off lawsuits and navigate price wars. You’ll even pick “shock cards” throughout the game.

Players exercise math and business skills, as well as test strategies to guide their companies to success.

Former investment banker and serial entrepreneur Michael Ehrenreich developed the game with his children. “Although there is some luck involved, the better player will usually win, kind of like real life,” he says. At the same time: “Everybody’s winning. Everybody’s succeeding. Your company’s growing. If you lose, it’s only because you’ve won more slowly,” he told Inc.


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