Morpholio Board Lets You Redecorate a Room Right From Your iPad

Morpholio Board 1.0 was a powerful design app geared almost entirely for professionals. Board 2.0 is a digital sketchpad anyone can use to dabble in design, clipping images from anywhere on the web to create a customized rendering that’s smarter and more interactive than any sketchbook.

Board 2.0 is, broadly speaking, a digital scrapbook that lets you collage images and ideas together for all sorts of visual projects. But during an in-person demo ahead of the app’s release, Board’s ability to turn a snapshot of a room into an interactive design rendering was the most magical part for me.

Morpholio’s Ciara Snyder showed off this feature by first taking a snapshot of the conference room where we met at Gizmodo’s NYC headquarters. Pulling from Board’s built-in library of furniture, fixtures, materials, and accessories, she dragged and dropped new seating, lighting, and wall hangings until the room was completely changed. The app handled all the trimming and cropping, instantly creating overlays out of stock images to make a convincingly lifelike illustration. It was as easy as it looks in the GIF above.

Each image from the library (and there are tons) brings with it information about the materials, dimensions, color options, and more, all provided directly by the manufacturer. No more backtracking your Google steps to try and figure out who makes that perfect table or chair you saw in a photo from somewhere. “Using our library is like shooting in RAW,” Morpholio co-creator Toru Hasegawa explained.


You can also clip images from anywhere on the web to add to your drawing, with the app storing the URL the picture came from. So if you find, say, an organizational caddy from IKEA that you really love, the app will remember exactly where it came from.


When it’s time to make that concept a reality, Board will tag all the items in your sketch in a shopping list of URLs you can email to yourself—or a client, if you do this stuff for a living.

Board isn’t just for interior design, though—the app is useful for photographers, event planners, graphic designers, or just the casual Pinterester. “The tools in the app were made for designers, but they’re simple enough for DIYers,” Ciara told me.

“When you see things together, it clicks,” Toru told me. “Designers do this with mood boards. We wanted to make this open to normal humans.”

Morpholio Board 2.0 is available for iOS devices starting today. It’s a free download on the App Store, with in-app buyable libraries of materials, jewelry, fashion items, and other images you’d want to include in all sorts of renderings, sketches, or concept drawings. And of course, when your visual daydreaming is complete, you can share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now everyone can be jealous of your designer skills.


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