3 Attributes of Wildly Successful People

How to develop the attribute of success.

You can see that person from a distance. It’s as though there’s a speech-balloon hanging over his or her head that tells you when someone is a success. And it’s more than just the size of a bank account or the number of customers for a new mobile app. Success is an attribute. You can learn how to act successful, and you can also be successful as a person. Here’s how.

1. Become a multitasking superhero.

We all know people who seem to be able to do a thousand things at once, and they make it seem effortless. They are productivity superstars. That’s what it takes to be a success. You have to learn how to multitask as though you are spinning plates, herding cats, and running a circus all at the same time. That means paying attention to marketing, sales, innovation, invoicing, and everything else. Often, the difference between success and failure is getting stuck on one or two tasks and not making any more progress. Having an attribute of success means getting past the hurdles.

2. Capture your lightbulb moments and make them real.

Success is the result of an idea made into reality. For example, you figure out how to make an app that captures employee feedback or you design a new battery for an electric car that goes farther than anyone ever imagined. The main difference between failure and success is in how you capture the idea and then how you act on it. You need to do both. I’m convinced we all can harness ideas. It’s a human trait to think inventively. However, if your goal is to bea success and not just act on an idea, eventually you have to learn how to take the idea and turn it into something worthwhile. Then repeat. Then repeat again. Many people have thought about starting a social network; Mark Zuckerberg learned how to capture the idea, nurture it, and turn it into something. Many people thought about making a home-brew computer; Steve Jobs acted on the idea and turned it into one of the most important companies of our time.

3. Always carry a concept through to completion.

The third-most important attribute for anyone who wants to be a success? You have to finish what you start. Never give up. This is really a matter of perseverance, which is the most important characteristic of all if you want to start a company. Think of it like this. Anyone can start a race; not everyone can finish. Anyone can think of an idea; not everyone can make it become a real product or service. Successful people know how to conceptualizeand build something from scratch. They are experts at both. If you really want to experience radical, life-altering, brain-twisting, world-dominating success, you have to stick with an idea until the only option left is success.


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