Asus Teases Its Smartwatch Launch For September 3

Earlier this year at Google I/O, we reported that Asus was working on its own Android Wear smartwatch, to be launched in September with a lower price point than existing options. Today, Asus posted a teaser on Twitter revealing that it will indeed be introducing something new at IFA in Berlin on Sept. 3, and the graphic suggests it will indeed be a smartwatch.

The Asus device will be somewhere between $99 and $149, according to our source, and will boast AMOLED display tech and otherwise be close hardware-wise to the existing LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live devices, both of which are also powered by Android Wear.

The launch will be part of a busy season of new hardware coming this fall, and early September is shaping up to be especially crazy. Motorola plans to launch a slew of new hardware on September 4, and of course Apple’s new iPhone will debut September 6, which will probably suck most of the air out of the room for anyone else looking to launch new gear around that time.

Asus will also be facing off against the Motorola Moto 360, the round-faced Android Wear smartwatch announced previously but looks ready to actually hit consumer wrists beginning in early September.


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