Microsoft expected to announce Windows 9 on September 30

Details of Microsoft’s next major Windows version, codenamed Threshold, have been steadily emerging over the last few weeks – and, as our regular readers will know, many of the biggest and most interesting details have been exclusively revealed by us here on Neowin. But one detail that has remained a little ambiguous is when we might actually get our first official look at the new OS. 

Last week, it emerged that Microsoft is planning to release a preview version of the OS around the end of September, and today, The Verge revealed that that information – originally revealed by Microsoft-watcher Mary Jo Foley – is accurate. According to its sources, Microsoft is “tentatively planning” a press event for September 30, at which the new Windows will be officially unveiled, with a pre-release version of the OS being made available on or shortly after that date.

While we have not yet been able to confirm this date with our own sources, we understand that the release is currently called the ‘Windows Technical Preview’ internally. It is not yet clear if Microsoft plans to use the widely-rumored ‘Windows 9’ name, or if it intends to go with something different. The current builds that are making their way around Redmond are in the 982x variety.

The preview will not be feature-complete by any means, with certain UI elements not necessarily being available in the first release, although it is likely that Microsoft will roll out more features to the preview in later builds.


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