The Big Picture: Neptune’s largest moon, Triton

Neptune has more moons than we have planets in our Solar System, with a total of 14 (and counting) orbiting around it. Its largest, Triton, is big enough to practically be considered a planet, so much so that scientists often compare it to Pluto. (You know, the planet whichisn’t really a planet, but some people think it should be a planet? Yeah, that’s the one.) Now,courtesy of old NASA footage from the Voyager 2 spacecraft, we’re getting a closer look at Triton and how it looked back in 1989. Not only that, but NASA’s taken images from the aged trek and used them to create the best global map of Triton yet, with color schemes which “are a close approximation to Triton’s natural colors.” The map, according to NASA, features a resolution of 1,970 feet per pixel, which makes for very, very interesting viewing action.


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