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Do you really know what you want in life? Oftentimes we get in the way of running our own business successfully because we haven’t been truly honest with ourselves.

Paul David Walker, author of Invent Your Future, discusses some easy steps on creating a stronger organization. Bruce Mittman, president and CEO of Mittcom, explains how to find the right media outlets for your business. He also explains why Subaru’s marketing department is a step above the rest. We end the hour with CreativeLive’s Chase Jarvis, who touches on what it means to be an influencer, and how to transition from school to getting paid. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Tune in now.

  • [00:00:00] Stimulate Insight and Action, Not Fights
  • [00:05:55] Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  • [00:11:32] Manage “Tribal Warfare” by Looking Inward
  • [00:18:24] Most Beneficial Media Outlets for Your Business
  • [00:26:25] Subaru Marketing Earns Decade of Record Sales
  • [00:33:26] Chase Jarvis: Be an Influencer, Get Paid

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[00:00:00] Stimulate Insight and Action, Not Fights

Has your passion ever blinded you, making a rational decision difficult? When excitement (and tempers) run high, we can easily be thrown into a fight or flight response if confronting a combative personality. Paul David Walker, author of Invent Your Future and founder and CEO of Genius Stone, says when building a business it is better to be curious, not judgmental, when it comes to understanding an aggressive point of view. Hear tips on how to keep your cool and react with restraint.

[00:05:55] Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A business is only as good as the team running it, but how do you build a cohesive workforce in the first place? Walker talks about the importance of teaching your organization how to work together by aligning their intentions to drive solutions. Listen for Walker’s advice on defusing aggressive employees, honing your leadership skills and progressing passed fear to build a united team.

[00:11:32] Manage “Tribal Warfare” by Looking Inward

“Do you want to win or do you want to be right?” Walker tells us that it is important to adopt a reflective attitude when it comes to conflict resolution. Before you can help navigate an internal dispute within your company, you should first ruminate on your personal triggers, learn how to mitigate them, and respond with compassionate curiosity towards the instigator. Explore the concept of corporate “tribal warfare” and learn how to gain personal control when interacting with your entire team.

[00:18:24] Most Beneficial Media Outlets for Your Business

Social media, web ads, print, radio and television all offer unique ways to engage with consumers and drive ROI. With so many advertising options available, it can be difficult to decide which outlets are best for your business. Bruce Mittman, president of Mittcom, is here to help you cut through the clutter and create a high-impact marketing campaign. Mittman tells us that the first step is to make sure you have a “digital front door” to your business so that people can easily find you. Hear more valuable tips on making the most of your digital assets. 

[00:26:25] Subaru Marketing Earns Decade of Record Sales

Subaru has won the hearts of consumers around the globe with meaningful marketing, attractive advertising, and cutting edge products. From extensive research on customer satisfaction, to managing the entire car buying experience, to charitable community outreach, Mittman says this auto manufacturer is going big to maintain and build a loyal fan following. Find out how Subaru’s exceptional marketing style can transform your company.

[00:33:26] Chase Jarvis on Being an Influencer and Getting Paid

Being a creative can seem scary in a world where social media and the internet are so prominent. How do you compete with other “influencers” out there? Chase Jarvis, founder of CreativeLive, shares how to reach your target audience in a crowded marketplace. Get Jarvis’s simple strategy to become profitable and develop your brand — one happy customer at a time. 

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