Samsung’s Unpacked event happens August 23, likely bringing the Galaxy Note 8 with it

Samsung’s next Unpacked event is arriving right on schedule — and all signs about to it bringing the Galaxy Note 8 along for the ride. The big show lines up with the phablet’s traditional release schedule, and the graphic appears to show an Infinity Display version of the Galaxy Note 8, along with the requisite S-Pen.

While it’s far from the first big event the company has thrown since the Note 7 proved to be an unmitigated disaster, the big show will be yet another very public trial for the company as it attempt to put those events behind it for good.

The event is being held August 23 in New York City, a week or so ahead of the IFA tech show in Berlin, which is where the company released the first version of the phablet way back in 2011.

There was some speculation in the wake of fallout that Samsung might abandon the Note name, but prior to the exploding battery saga, the product was one of the company’s most popular global offerings. Since then, speculation so far has centered on what’s expected to be premium pricing for the handset — at around $900 for an unlocked version of the handset.

Those same rumors also put the phone’s display at 6.3 inches — just a hair over the Galaxy S8 Plus’s 6.2-inch screen. That seems to fly in the face of the “Do Bigger Things” slogan gracing the invited also tweeted out by Samsung social media, but it is considerably larger than the Note 7’s 5.7-inch screen.


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