Australia’s Expert360 raises $10M for its freelance consultant marketplace

Freelance workers and consultants make up a third of the US workforce, but that figure is expected to approach 40 per cent according to some studies. And we know how big the overall gig economy is going to become.

Thus, marketplaces which meet that need are going to continue to grow. Hence, this is probably why Expert360, an online marketplace to access and manage freelance consultant talent for enterprises, has now raised US$10 million.

The company is based in Australia, and show’s the market there is booming, which is good timing for our new Battlefield event.

AirTree Ventures, Australia’s largest VC fund, led the investment, which brings Expert360’s total funding to $21M and will enable Expert360 to expand in the US and Asia Pacific. Existing investors include Singapore based Frontier Ventures.

Expert360’s global platform gives access to over 15,000 experienced independent consultants, and says it maintains strict quality standards, accepting only 1 in 6 applicants and features consultants from over 90 countries.

Featured Image: Bloomua/Shutterstock

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