New Funny or Die series, The Real Stephen Blatt, streams exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

Funny or Die is launching an all-new miniseries, The Real Stephen Blatt, which will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime video.

Though some Funny or Die content is currently available on Amazon Prime, such as The Very Best of Will Ferrell, The Very Best of James Franco, Drunk History, and Between Two Ferns, The Real Stephen Blatt marks the first Funny or Die content to stream exclusively on Prime Video.

Justin Long stars in the mini-series as Stephen Blatt himself, who becomes obsessed with social media after receiving his first iPhone, according to Amazon.

Here’s what Brian Toombs, VP of Partner Content at Funny or Die had to say:

We have seen tremendous success with introducing Funny or Die content to the Amazon Prime viewers. The audience really embraced our programming and we are excited to premiere ‘The Real Stephen Blatt’ series exclusively on Prime Video.

The Real Stephen Blatt Season 1 includes eight episodes, all of which are available now to Prime Video members.

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