For His 70th Birthday, Here Are 11 Motivating Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

July 30 marks the birthday of one of today’s most successful and powerful (literally) people, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As a famous bodybuilder, he made millions in real estate and then found his way to the silver screen before leading the state of California as its governor, so it’s safe to say, there’s much to learn from the Austrian immigrant. His diverse background demonstrates the motivation, passion and hard work he’s put in that have helped get him to where he is today.

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No matter who you are or what industry you work in, Schwarzenegger has something to teach everyone when it comes to success. And to celebrate his 70th birthday, check out these 10 quotes from the Governator.

On winning

“We all have great inner power. The power is self-faith. There’s really an attitude to winning. You have to see yourself winning before you win. And you have to be hungry. You have to want to conquer.”

On being different

“Something burned inside me. I wanted to be different; I was determined to be unique. I was driven to think big and to dream big.”

On breaking the rules

“It is impossible to be a maverick or a true original if you’re too well behaved and don’t want to break the rules. You have to think outside the box.”

On failure

“You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, and success will come. So don’t be afraid to fail.”

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On having a diverse income

“I did not rely on my movie career to make a living. That was my intention because I saw over the years the people that worked out in the gym and that I met in the acting classes, they were all very vulnerable because they didn’t have any money and they had to take anything that was offered to them because that was their living. I didn’t want to get into that situation.”

On motivation

“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.”

On looking forward

“I don’t spend much time thinking back. I like to move forward.”

On not listening to negativity

“Don’t listen to the naysayers. Make sure that you’re working your butt off. Make sure that you have a very clear vision of where you want to go. Don’t shoot for lower goals — shoot for the stars.”

On helping others

“You’ve got to help others. Don’t just think about yourself. Help others.”

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On having a vision

“You can have the best ship in the world, but if the captain doesn’t know where to go, he’s going to just drift around and is going to get lost.”

On dealing with enemies

“Hasta la vista … baby.”

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