Empowerment and the Importance of Giving Back

People often ask me how I have the time to be working with so many charitable causes. When people perceive that I am intently focused on projects like the Crescent Moon Foundation, the Unstoppable Foundation and Junior Achievement, they are very curious about my reasoning. The reason is very simple: I always keep in mind that I would not be the person I am today if it were not for the experiences and opportunities along the way. The people I came across fostered my enjoyment of the pursuit of my potential, and I want to do the same for others around me.

Know your experiential values

Groups like The Crescent Moon Foundation, Unstoppable and Junior Achievement, helped mold me and give me opportunities I would not have had otherwise. Through Junior Achievement, I met the first people outside of my family who believed in me and empowered me with an entrepreneurial spirit. I’m not sure where I would be today if not for all of the great mentors I had as a kid. The Crescent Moon and Unstoppable Foundations are two of my favorite nonprofit organizations that allow me to inspire children in the same respect domestically and internationally.

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Trust the universe.

The people that gave me their valuable time and dedication inspired me to do the same. The reason I choose to spend so much time on creating value and being of service is because, to me, it is more important than making money. Serving others shifts the paradigm and creates voids for the universe to fill. The universe is more efficient and effective than all of us in filling the voids we create. That is an idea I try to instill in everyone I meet. Money is a necessary asset or resource, but it does not come unless you understand the importance of being of service and giving back first. Trust the universe that the money will come.

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Give back to go forward.

I love going back to the places where others taught me to “pay it forward” to the next generation. Whether it’s the elementary school, high school, college or law school I attended, I enjoy sharing the lessons I’ve learned with young people to empower those who may be in a similar situation. Sharing the situational knowledge I’ve gained in a variety of industries is a great way to help empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Since we come from a similar background, these children can relate to me and I can relate to them. I get to connect and share my successes, and especially my failures. I let the next generation learn from the “dummy tax” that I’ve already paid. They learn to avoid the mistakes I made by doing simple things, like asking others for help when they need it. Not only do I get to set a professional example for them to follow, but by coming back and paying respect to the places that have helped shape me, I’m encouraging them to do the same.

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