Nextbit ends support for Robin smartphone

The shelf life of a Kickstarter-backed smartphone really isn’t something you’d expect to last forever, but warranty support on Nextbit’s Robin phone is over as of today, the company announced on Twitter this morning.

Phone and chat support will cease for the pretty Android phone, but the company will continue to offer software patches for the device through February of 2018, but according to an admin post on Razer forums, there’s “no guarantee” that Android O will arrive on Robin.

In January, Nextbit was acquired for an undisclosed sum by Razer, which brought aboard Nextbit’s entire team to operate as a standalone business unit underneath the gaming company.

The Nextbit Robin arrived to largely positive reviews. The device’s cloud storage functionality wasn’t really a feature worth marketing an entire smartphone off of, but the hardware design was unique and well-executed. Unfortunately, the rocky path forward became evident almost immediately when the company was forced to cancel the CDMA version of the device only a month later, issuing refunds to backers.

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