Programmers can now access Test IO code QA service in Jira development tool

Software quality-assurance testing has sometimes taken a backseat in today’s rush-rush agile development environment. Into the breach has stepped on-demand testing startups like Test IO, giving developers easy access to a stable of qualified QA testers.

The company announced a new plug-in today that embeds the Test IO service directly into the Atlassian Jira development workflow tool. The tool is available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Once installed, developers simply click the Test IO button directly in the Jira interface to select their testing parameters and start the workflow. The service then locates available testers who have the expertise and equipment the developer requires, Test IO CEO Philip Soffer explained.

Soffer says they have a team of 30,000 vetted software testers, who get cross-checked by human supervisors until they reach a consistent testing level. Each person is ranked by their quality, availability and other factors. When a programmer asks for someone with a specific skill and equipment, they get routed to the most qualified person currently available online who matches the requirements. If it requires more than one skill, the testing request could get routed to multiple testers simultaneously. The idea is to get the QA completed as quickly and accurately as possible under real-world testing conditions.

Upon completion of the review, a report with screenshots and screen cam movies showing problems is sent back immediately to the programmer with a list of problems. Developers can communicate directly with testers in the interface if they have questions about the review.

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Given that 70 percent of Test IO customers are using Jira, it made sense for the company to make it as simple as possible to access the service. Without the Jira plug-in, developers would need to open their browser, go to the Test IO website, sign in, pick their testing parameters and upload the material to test. Much of that is taken care of with the embedded tool, and programmers never have to leave Jira to request testing or review the results.

Test IO was founded in 2011 in Berlin, and still has an office there, but it’s headquartered in San Jose now. The startup has been almost doubling revenue every year, according to Soffer, and received $5 million funding in 2015.

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